Do you wish to be part of the musical phenomenon that is sweeping the globe?

Sacred Harp Singing is a unique form of  musical expression that originated in early America.  For much of the past century this authentic american community music could only be found in the american south, and was feared to be dying out.

A remarkable change has taken place over the last 25 years and this music that was once thought near dead is in the midst of a major revival. Regular singing now takes place in nearly every US state, Canada, Europe (UK, Ireland, Poland, Scandinavia), Australia & New Zealand, and recently into parts of Asia (Cambodia, Honk Kong, Japan).

People of all ages, denominations & backgrounds are coming to realise the captivating draw of this music. The music draws people in, and the eternal community bonds & fellowship that are created by singing your heart out with others keeps you coming back for more.

 Here are just a few things that make this musical tradition unique:

  • We are not a choir: we sing for ourselves and each other
  • All songs are sung a cappella (with no instruments)
  • Singers sit facing each other across a “hollow square” and take turns leading songs
  • The music is printed with notes of different shapes, each shape corresponds to a syllable:
    fa, sol, la, or mi
  • Participants are free to (and do) sing loudly!
  • No musical experience or religious affiliation is required to sing with us

If you are interested, feel free to join us on Thursday evenings. Come and go as you please. There are no official membership or attendance requirements. The “group” is made up of the singers who attend on any given day. Copies of the Sacred Harp tunebook are available to borrow during the singings.

For more detailed information about Sacred Harp singing & its history, the main website & the Sacred Harp Publishing Company have a variety of in-depth & engaging articles.

For suggested books, see the list of titles in Further Reading by the London Sacred Harp group




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