Singing Opportunties


We meet every Thursday in East Vancouver between 7 & 9 to sing from the Sacred Harp

No musical experience or religious affiliation is required to sing with us. All voices accepted

  • Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, 1803 E 1st Av


The first ever Vancouver All-Day singing will take place on

Saturday, October 3rd 2015 
Grandview Calvary Baptist Church , 
1803 E 1st Ave, 
Vancouver, BC V5L 4B8

- Registrations at 9am, 
- Singing will be from 9:30 am until 3:30 pm 
- Dinner on the Ground (potluck lunch) served at noon. 
- Local singers are encouraged to bring a potluck dish

See this link for further details & information


Travelling to non-local singings is common among Sacred Harp singers and for many is a core part of this tradition. It is not uncommon for people to travel thousands of miles for a weekend of singing.

All-Day singings & conventions are held almost every weekend somewhere in the US, Canada or Europe.

See  – Directory of every All-Day Sacred Harp singing

See for a list of singing events in the Pacific Northwest (B.C., Alaska, Washington, Oregon)

See for UK, Irish & European Singing events

See for Annual Sacred Harp dedicated summer camp in Alabama


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